GranIte & Quartz COuntertops

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If you have been thinking about granite quartz countertops, you are not alone. These countertops are quickly becoming some of the most popular countertops in America today. With these tops, you can easily enhance the look of your kitchen or bathroom and do so at a very reasonable cost. So, why are so many people opting for granite quartz countertops?

Granite quartz countertops are durable and tough

One of the many benefits of granite quartz countertops is that they are extremely tough and durable. With the proper care, they will last for decades, and looking as new as they do today. They require little maintenance and are easy to keep sparkling clean. In addition, they can be disinfected with simple over-the-counter products, helping to keep your family safe and healthy.

Granite quartz countertops are affordable

When consumers compare the cost of real marble countertops to the cost of granite quartz countertops, they are often shocked. The cost a true marble countertop can be very expensive, too expensive, in fact, for most families to afford. This is not the case with granite quartz countertops which are very affordable, and fall within the budgets of most families.

Huge variety of colors in granite quartz countertops

Many of our customers are surprised to learn that there are so many different colors and patterns for today's granite quartz countertops. We can show you a rainbow of vivid colors, or just as many in soft earth tone colors. In fact, because there is such a wide array of colors, finding the perfect color and tone for your project will be a snap.If you are thinking of adding granite quartz countertops to your home or work place,come by our showroom in Cypress, TX before you buy. Let us show you our incredible stock of countertops, and we can also tell you about our professional installation services.When you need new granite quartz countertops, you need Texas Floors.

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